PETEC Power BiBond 2-Component Universal High-Performance Adhesive

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PETEC Power BiBond 2-Component Universal High-Performance Adhesive

Quantity: 1
Size: 24 ml double syringe SB-Card

Colour: light yellow
Base: methyl methacrylate
Work life/processing time: 3 minute
Initial strength: 6 minutes
Hardening/final strength: 12 hours
Tensile shear strength (dependent on material): 22 N/mm
Temperature resistance: –40°C to +120°C
Processing temperature: +5°C to +30°C

excellent adhesion on metal, plastic, wood, rubber and many other types of material, together and with each other
can be used universally for indoor and outdoor application
high adhesive strength and quick hardening
high tensile, shear and peel strength
can be ground and re-coated with many paint finishing systems
resistant to water, oil, fuel and many chemicals

For repairing (bonding, filling, smoothing) of bumpers, spoilers, radiator grilles, panelling clips, brackets/spotlight brackets as well as broken plastic parts and panelling, and much more.
It can also be used for bonding and filling holes, splits and joints made of metal, wood, stone, concrete and glass.

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Sand back the surfaces if possible and thoroughly clean and degrease them with PETEC Multi Cleaner (art. no. 82200 or 82100). Remove the cap, squeeze out the required amount and mix or fit a mixing tube (art. no. 98510). Discard the first centimetre
(avoid pausing for more than two minutes because the adhesive will harden in the mixing tube), then apply to the location to be bonded. Press the materials to be joined together within two minutes. After use, close off the double syringe with the cap.
Observe the safety and technical datasheet!

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Shelf Life: 12 months